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Get Ready for Better Laundry with BetterClean

At BetterClean Laundry, you can do your laundry your way or leave it for our experts to wash, dry, and fold for you. We offer a clean and mighty laundromat with excellent self-service options, an easy and friendly drop-off laundry fluff & fold service, and our supremely convenient laundry pickup and delivery services. Whichever service you choose, you will get fresh results with a BetterClean experience.

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Our Services

We Have Service Options for All Your Laundry Needs


We have a convenient mix of washers and dryers to get all your laundry done in one visit.

Wash & Fold

Leave the laundry with us and we’ll wash, dry, and fold it all for you.

Pickup & Delivery Coming Soon!

Get BetterClean results without leaving home. We pick up and deliver laundry.

Commercial Laundry

Serving businesses in and near Philadelphia, if yours generates laundry, contact us for a quote.


Let Us Do Your Laundry For You

No matter what option you choose, your clothes will be returned to you with a smile, fresh and clean! None of the work, all the satisfaction, so much extra time for you to go do you.

Wash & Fold

Drop-Off Wash & Fold

$ 1.49 /lb

$20 Minimum Order

Pickup & Delivery

Laundry Pickup & Delivery

$ 1.49 /lb

$40 Minimum Order

Special Savings

20% Off Green Button Gold Confetti 600X600

Special Delivery

Get 20% off your first order of laundry pickup and delivery.

15% Off Green Button Gold Confetti 600X600

Better Again

Get 15% off your second order of pickup and delivery when scheduling online.

5 Stars

Testimonials From Our Customers

Let Our Happy Customers Speak for Themselves

There always seems to have an attendant available to assist and who works hard in keeping the place clean - it's even comfortable in there during this recent heat wave. The attendants also seem pleasant as do most of the fellow patrons.


The laundromat is very clean and the people who work here are extremely kind and helpful. I lost my laundry card and they were able to get me a new card with the money I had on the old one without any issues.

Connie P.

This place is super clean and close to plenty of food spots to eat while your clothes are washing. The employees are kind and super helpful to ensure you're taking care of if having any issues with you wash and dry. 5 star Laundromat!

Zaza T.

So they give you a bonus like most other places I believe for every $20 you get $5 credit to your account you can purchase laundry supplies and drinks using your laundry card which most places don't do. You can stay busy with the variety of games while you wash, I don't personally but to each there own.

Bill B.

I dropped off several Bedding items (king size blankets & comforters) at this location for a Wash & Fold service. The order was ready the next day with no issues during pickup. The attendant was helpful during pickup & I appreciated the fresh smell and crisp folding. I will be back with more items!

Prem T.

I have been going here for a little while now and have nothing but good things to say about this laundromat. The staff and very helpful. The owner was willing to help me take my bags to my car because my son had fell asleep. Also when you register your card you get notifications of when your laundry is done which I think it’s amazing.

Belkis G.