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Spend Less Time on Laundry and More Time on Studies and Sports

Connect with BetterClean Laundry for your school’s laundry. We wash and fold everything from sports uniforms to cafeteria linens.

Partner with us for your school’s dorm laundry, too. Elevate dorm living by offering your student residents a laundry pickup and delivery service where they can count on us to come by once a week (or as often as your students need) to collect their laundry and do it for them. Such a service will free up their time to focus on their studies without having laundry interrupt their focus. We use only premium detergents and dryer sheets and we will keep each student’s personal laundry separate from others.

We wash everything include linens and towels:

  • Sports team jerseys and uniforms
  • Gym towels
  • Lab coats
  • Art smocks
  • Fabric drop-cloths
  • Cafeteria staff uniforms
  • Custodial staff uniforms
  • Photography muslins
  • And much more
College Laundry Services Dorm Room 1800X900

Want Us to Wash Your School's Laundry?

Connect with BetterClean for a Quote

Before the laundry piles up, connect with BetterClean Laundry. We offer reasonable rates on college laundry services based on the kind of laundry, how much, and how often you need it done. Email us directly at or submit a request for bid here.