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Provide Excellent Care and Enrichment and Leave Laundry to BetterClean

As a daycare services provider, your focus is on providing a safe, secure, and fun environment to your customers, whether they are children or adults. Laundry shouldn’t get in the way of operations and activities. That’s why BetterClean Laundry offers commercial laundry services to daycare facilities.

We wash crib sheets, blankets, pillows, machine-washable stuffed animals for childcare facilities and nursery care providers. We also wash table linens, activity linens, staff uniforms, and more for all daycare centers. We can even take care of staff uniforms, too.

Daycare Laundry Feat Little Girl 1800X900

Want Us to Wash Your Daycare's Laundry?

Connect with BetterClean for a Quote

Before the laundry piles up, connect with BetterClean Laundry. We offer reasonable rates on daycare laundry services based on the kind of laundry, how much, and how often you need it done. Email us directly at or submit a request for bid here.