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Fresh Towels, Happy Fitness Studio and Gym Members

If your gym, workout circuit, fitness or yoga studio provides towels for members to use, then you need to connect with BetterClean Laundry to maintain a fresh stock of towels. We expertly wash, dry, and fold gym towels so that they return fresh and fluffy. We also wash cleaning towels, too. We use only premium products and specialized processes depending on the type of materials your towels are made of and what they are used for.

More Than Just Towels, We Wash Uniforms and Workout Apparel, Too

BetterClean Laundry not only takes the towels away but also any staff uniforms or workout clothes or team apparel such as leotards and dance apparel to wash and fold and return fresh and ready. As long as it can be machine-washed and tumble-dried, then we can take care of your staff and team’s laundry so you can focus on your fitness or competitive goals.

Gym Laundry Featuring Towels 1800X900

Want Us to Wash Your Gym's Laundry?

Connect with BetterClean for a Quote

Before the towels and workout clothes pile up and cause a fuss, connect with BetterClean Laundry. We offer reasonable rates on fitness laundry services based on the kind of laundry, how much, and how often you need it done. Email us directly at or submit a request for bid here.