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Do Less Laundry and Provide More Hospitality

Managing a hotel can be a tough challenge. As guests check in, you and your housekeeping staff must ensure the room they are going to stay in is impeccably clean from the bed they will sleep in to the bath towels they will use. Providing clean rooms is a big responsibility that often comes with the hidden cost of doing a lot of laundry in house.

This is where BetterClean Laundry can step in and help your operations. By offloading your hotels laundry onto us, you can free up your internal resources and staff to focus on providing exceptional hospitality.

BetterClean Laundry is Philadelphia’s top choice for cleaning comforters, blankets, sheets, pillows, coverlets, towels, rugs, and more. We will even wash any kitchen and dining linens if your hotel offers any kind of dining service.

We use only premium products to wash all loads and best of all we have the equipment, capacity, and expert staff to wash multiple rooms at a time. We will also work with you to devise a flexible and regular schedule of laundry pick-up and drop-off so that you always have clean linens and towels in rotation.

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Want Us to Wash Your Hotel's Laundry?

Connect with BetterClean for a Quote

Before the next wave of guests arrive, connect with BetterClean Laundry. We offer reasonable rates on hotel laundry services based on the number of rooms, variety of linens, and frequency of needs. Email us directly at or submit a request for bid here.