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Serve Up Delectable Dishes and Leave the Linens to Us

Running a restaurant is a demanding job. Everything has to be in place to entice hungry customers to dine in your establishment and return again and again. The food has to be delicious and the customer service has to be excellent. And just as the silverware and glassware has to be spotless, so do the table linens. Neat linen napkins, spotless tablecloths, and pristine seat covers can elevate a dinner from a regular meal to a true fine dining experience. BetterClean Laundry can wash, dry, and fold your table linens.

Kitchen Linens and Staff Uniforms, Too

We also wash, dry, and fold kitchen linens such as kitchen towels, dish towels, and cleaning rags. We also take care of staff uniforms too, whether you provide aprons only or also provide chef uniforms, too. So it goes beyond just what your customers use—let us take care of the laundry items your staff rely on. Perfect for restaurants, diners, cafés, bakeries, bars, catering companies, and event centers.

Restaurant Laundry Black And White Table Setting 1800X900

Want Us to Wash Your Restaurant's Laundry?

Connect with BetterClean for a Quote

Before laundry gets in the way of a efficient kitchen and dining experience, connect with BetterClean Laundry. We offer reasonable rates on restaurant laundry services based on the kind, amount, and how often you need it done. Email us directly at or submit a request for bid here.