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Get Diversified Expertise for Towel Care

At BetterClean Laundry, we know that different kinds of towels need different kinds of care.

Soft towels used in spas, salons, and barber shops need gentle care with gentle products that not only clean and remove hair and skin products and debris that accumulate in their fibers, but also leave them feeling soft and smelling fresh—perfect and ready for the next hair, nail, or massage appointment. We use only premium products to get towels feeling luxurious.

Tough towels used in workshops, car care, and cleaning services require rigorous cleaning practices that get out tough stains and grime. Our industrial grade washers with powerful jets and spin cycles can help get out the dirt accumulated in each fiber and restore towels to a reusable state, potentially saving you on costs in constantly replacing utility towels.

Plus, we use different processes for different towel types. Did you know that washing microfiber towels with fabric softener actually degrades their ability to wick moisture? When we take on a large volume towel order, we separate them based on material type and apply different cleaning agents to ensure optimal cleanliness and absorbency.

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Before a mountain of towels amasses in the back corner of your shop, gym, store, or field house, connect with BetterClean Laundry. We offer reasonable rates on commercial towel laundry based on volume, purpose, and frequency. Email us directly at or submit a request for bid here.