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Your One-Stop Shop for Laundry Day

Bring your baskets, bags, and totes full of laundry to BetterClean Laundry. We are a fully card-operated laundromat and laundry services provider that has the capacity, equipment, and amenities you need to make laundry day a breeze.

Advanced Equipment

Our Washers & Dryers

At BetterClean, we understand that laundry is seldom done in one load. That's why we have a wide variety of washer and dryer sizes to tackle many loads big and small befit your sorting preferences. With washers ranging in size from 20 to 80 pounds and dryers available in 45 and 65 pound capacities, we are confident that you'll find the right machine for the job, whether it is just a small load of socks or big, bulky bedding including the comforter.

Text Alerts, Too

Plus, when you use a registered laundry card with our equipment, you can get text alerts when your self service laundry has finished so you can maximize your time running errands at the neighboring ShopRite Grocery Store. 


Card-Operated Equipment Powered by Laundroworks

All of our washers, dryers, and vending machines operate on the Laundroworks card system, which offers security and weightless tap-to-pay convenience. Visit the Laundroworks kiosk inside our store and obtain a card for a small fee of just $1.00 using cash, debit/credit, EBT, and Apple or Google Pay. Then load it up with as many credits you need to do your laundry for one visit or multiple visits.

Register your card with your name and phone number and enjoy added protections against loss. If you lose your card, we can transfer any remaining balances on the lost card to a newly issued card. Our Laundroworks cards are compatible with our washers, dryers, and vending machines.

Better Clean Laundry Card
Clean Folding Tables


In addition to our commercial-grade equipment made available for your household laundry, we also have rolling carts and generous folding tables to make transferring and folding loads easy. And if you need products, we have you covered. We have a vending machine that sells name brand products like Tide, Snuggle, Bounce, and more.

You won't get bored either. While you wait between loads, sit back and relax. We have TV and free wi-fi. If you don't like to sit still, then try your luck at our arcade. We have crane games and a coin-pusher game. And if you need change for these games, then don't worry because we have a change machine, too. And for the kids, we provide an activity table where they can sit and read, draw, or color. Enjoy the downtime while you wait on the spin cycle.

Laundry is Better with BetterClean

Loyalty Program

Loyalty pays. Get $5 in bonus credits when loading up your Laundroworks card with $20.

Fabric Health

Get connected to health care resources and low-cost and no-cost plans.


We hold raffles in our store every other month. Visit us regularly and find out more about how to enter to win amazing prizes.


Inside Our Laundromat


Inside Our Laundromat

Laundry Services, Too

No time to stick around the laundromat? No problem! Better Clean Laundry offers a hassle-free drop-off service at our wash and fold counter. You don't need to stay at our washateria to benefit from the awesome cleaning power of our equipment because our attendants will do your laundry for you! We also offer pickup and delivery.

Wash & Fold

Leave the laundry with us and we’ll wash, dry, and fold it all for you.

Pickup & Delivery

Get BetterClean results without leaving home. We pick up and deliver laundry.

Visit Better Clean for Self-Service Laundry Solutions

Conquer your wash load like an all-star champion by visiting us. We are located at 6391 Oxford Avenue in Phillidelphia and open at 7AM every day. We'll see you soon!