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An Easy Walk-In and Drop-Off Laundry Service

Drop in and drop off your dirty laundry at our laundromat and our attendants will do it for you. This time-saving service allows you to check in your items and move about your day without having to spend a minute on minding a washer and dryer. We will wash, dry, and fold all of your laundry.


Check out our pricing for this laundry service.

Drop-Off Wash & Fold

Drop-Off Wash & Fold

$ 1.49 /lb

$20 Minimum Order

Wash and Fold Availability

This service is available from 7AM to 9PM daily. You are welcome to drop off new orders and pick up fresh, completed laundry during these hours at our fluff and fold service counter. A friendly attendant will be there to help you out.

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How Does Fluff and Fold Service Work?

Fluff and fold service is one of the easiest ways to conquer laundry day. Bring your laundry to the service counter and a friendly attendant will check it in, weighing your laundry, and take down any special preferences and instructions for your laundry. We are happy to accommodate special requests to the best of our ability. They'll give you a ticket and you can move on with your day, free from laundry.

While you do you, we'll do the laundry. We sort laundry by colors and whites and wash everything using the most appropriate temperature setting and premium products--and when we say premium we mean it. No cheap bucket detergents. We use Tide and Gain, Snuggle, and premium dryer sheets. We can substitute for free & clear products, too, and use bleach or OxiClean--just let our attendant know when checking in your items. As we wash-dry-fold, your items will be moved promptly from washer to dryer and dryer to folding table and swiftly fluffed and neatly folded before being gently packed for pick-up. No fumble, no foul--just wrinkle free results that look and smell clean.

Pick Up with Peace of Mind

Text Alerts

You'll get a notification via text or email when your laundry is ready for pick-up and your items will be safely stored in our secure wash and fold area until you arrive.

Betterclean Entrance
Got Laundry?

Bring it to BetterClean

Bring your baskets, your bags, and your totes. We'll happily do your laundry for you so that you can experience BetterClean without cleaning it yourself. We are located at 6391 Oxford Avenue in Phillidelphia and our fluff and fold service opens at 7AM every day. We'll see you soon!